Best Exercises to Build a Big Dick

Exercises for a Big DickIf I am to impart one piece of advice to you, it is this – don’t listen to a word they’re saying about pills! In no instance will penis pills ever make you bigger! These guys will try to say things like this “Oh, these so-called ‘penis exercises’ don’t work.” This is a huge lie! Penis exercises are the ONLY way to make your penis both longer and thicker! Pills contain nothing that can ever make your erection bigger.

Getting Bigger With Penis Exercises

Yes, it may sound strange. In fact, it may seem funny. There isn’t anything funny about the results men see. They see real, permanent results through the use of penis exercises. It is possible because everything in your penis is capable of being made bigger. It’s done with your two hands using pressure applied through proper grips designed specifically to maximize stimulation to the relevant parts of the penis that must be developed.

You will be developing:

The two chambers that manage the length of your dick. These chambers fill with blood to make your penis erect. Enlarging these means that the penis is capable of holding a greater volume of blood, which in turn means your erection becomes longer and thicker.

The ligaments in your penis. Most importantly, you will be using stretch techniques to extend the ligament at the top of your penis. This ligament prevents your penis from moving back into your pelvic cavity. At the same time, it prevents your penis from becoming longer, as it attaches to the penile tissues. Extending it allows your penis to become longer.

All the penile tissues in your penis. Surround the two blood holding chambers is a tough, fibrous layer or sheath. To get thicker, this layer of tissue must be expanded.

Much of this is done with activities called jelqing. Jelqing uses your hand to grasp the penis with an “OK” grip. In other words, you will use your thumb and pointer finger to grip the base of the penis. Just like masturbation, the hand is then moved back and forth. The difference is that this exercise is never done with an erect penis. It is mainly done when the penis is half erect or less.

Jelqing forces higher than average volumes of blood through the penis. In turn, this causes enough stimulation to enlarge the Corpus Cavernosa, which is the main chamber that fills with blood. When your penis can hold more blood, it becomes physically larger.

How Long Before I see Results?

This depends on the individual. Some men see results very quickly, while others must work a bit harder and longer before they get where they need to be. You can expect to see results within a month’s time when you do the exercises for about ten to twenty minutes each day.

Don’t worry; there’s no pain involved

Some of what I mentioned above main sound painful. But don’t worry, these exercises were developed not to cause a single ounce of pain. Your penis will never be sore, so you can continue to make love daily.

I cannot recommend penis exercises enough. They can help you add to your penis considerably. If you do them regularly, you’ll be bigger for life before you know it.

Best Techniques to Go Down on Her (Oral Sex)

The key to the female orgasm and to giving a woman pleasure beyond her wildest imagination is all in the way you go down on her. Oral sex, to women, is huge. For a lot of women, this is the only way that they are able to have an orgasm through stimulation by someone else. This is something that you need to keep in mind. If you expect to give her amazing stimulation, then you need to learn how to perform oral sex.

You want to learn how to give a woman good oral. You want to give her satisfaction so good, that it will literally make her explode in the bedroom. You want to be able to make her orgasm and you want to be able to make that happen now. You need to learn some tips and techniques to make going down on her a piece of cake. The first thing to know about performing cunnilingus is that it is more than just your tongue on her clit and then sucking on it. Even though your tongue is essentially the star of the show, you have to do more than that if you expect to get her aroused and especially if you expect her to orgasm.

When you are going down on her, make sure that you start slow. Some men become too anxious in the bedroom that they get a little off kilter and end up doing something wrong. You need to learn how to slow things down in bed and how to have more control over the situation. If you want to give her great pleasure, then you need to learn to start slow and to take your time. Even though you want to make her orgasm fast, going fast on her body isn’t the way to do it. Instead, going slow actually helps her to orgasm faster. In order to give her good stimulation with your mouth, you want to use more than just your tongue. Your lips are very important when it comes to stimulation, so make sure that you are giving her stimulation with your entire mouth.

Use both your lips and your tongue when you are giving her oral and this will make her climax faster. To really speed things up and to give her the best and most stimulation possible, you will want to rub her g-spot too. Just because this is oral sex, doesn’t mean that there are any rules against using your fingers. Your fingers can give her more stimulation than just your mouth can so if you expect her to climax, then do this too. You want to please your woman by stimulating her with oral sex. You want her to crave your touch throughout the day.


As in the light of the above, giving a woman pleasure orally, shouldn’t be this difficult. You can become better in bed and give her plenty of mind blowing orgasms. If you want to become the best lover she has ever had then you need to learn the secret today so you can use it tonight.

Stud 100 and How It Could Help Men Suffering from Premature Ejaculation

If you are looking for a desensitizing spray to try, the best option is Stud 100. There are now a lot of men who use the product and most of them had a wonderful experience and had encountered great results. The purpose of this product is to help men prevent quick ejaculation. The most active ingredient of this product is Lidocaine. It is a known anesthetic so it makes the penis less sensitive during the sexual intercourse. With this, men are not easily aroused and could last longer than usual. You don’t have to worry about using it since it is approved by health authorities.

The product acts quick. You simply have to spray it on the penis about 10 minutes before starting sex. By that time, you are ready to have sex with your partner without any worries of early ejaculation. For over 30 years now, the product still continues to help a lot of men and has been a great help for relationships which are about to end up due to ejaculation issues of men. Definitely it is not good for a relationship when a man has ejaculation issues. If you think that your relationship is about to end because of your failure to satisfy you partner, use the product now.

There are a lot of men who claims that the product had helped them last for more than 20 minutes in bed. For those who wanted to give it a try, finding it and purchasing is not that hard since it does not need any prescription from doctors. You will not go wrong with the dosage of this product since it is based on the number of sprays. Make sure to start with the lowest number of spray. About 2-3 sprays for the first time will do. If ever the product did not work quite well, gradually increase the dosage until you find that right one for you. Do not spray more than the right dosage for it will cause complete numbing of your penis which could affect your performance.

In using Stud 100, you don’t have to worry about the possibility that some of it will be transferred to your partner. This is because immediately after applying the product, the skin will absorb the product. It will be completely absorbed after a couple of minutes only. Do not anymore suffer from the worries of not lasting longer in bed, use the product and experience immediate results.

Essential Tips on Making Your Skin Whiter Naturally

A lot of people today are mostly exposed under the sun due to their busy lifestyle. It could be at work or getting involved in outdoor activities. This significantly affects skin tone. Those who work a lot outdoor are mostly affected with this problem. If you are looking for ways on making your skin whiter naturally, there are a lot of tips that you could find online. Below are some of these tips to help you get started.

Making Your Skin Whiter Naturally: The Right Whitening Routine

First, start drinking plenty of water especially when work requires you to be in the outdoor most of the time. The body needs enough water to function well so when you don’t get the right amount, the skin is the first part to suffer with loss of moisture. Second, you have to wash your face immediately after getting home so that all the dirt and sweat are removed in the face before it starts to cause darkening of your skin. In cleansing your face, see to it that you use the right product. It should be one that has been tested and proven by a lot of consumers already.

It would also help in making your skin whiter naturally when you use a facial scrub once a week. This is to get rid of dead skin cells. Before you go to sleep, it is a good practice to use a moisturizing cream all over your body. This will help a lot in the repair of the skin from the damaged it got the whole day. Plus, you could also drink a glass of cold milk for it helps a lot in making the skin look more beautiful and healthy both inside and out.

Skin Whitening Face Wash

An effective natural face wash is glam flour. Use it to create a paste and apply on face. Leave it in your face for about 2-3 minutes and rinse it off. If you want a better solution, mix lemon juice, rose water and barley flour. Leave it on your face for a couple of minutes and wash it off with cold water.

Skin Whitening Facials

You could also use natural whitening facials in making your skin whiter naturally. To do this, mix a quarter tablespoon of nigella seed oil and one table spoon of lemon juice. Leave it on your face for about 10 minutes and use warm water to rinse it off. Visit Skin Care Secrets for more tips on how to have a beautiful whiter skin.

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Researches show that around 90% of women have fat deposits just below the skin due to genetics, sedentary lifestyle, hormones or unhealthy diet. Cellulite is a condition that affects women of all ages while men never have to worry about it. In fact, men have more connective tissue layers in their skin compared to women. The real problem with cellulite is that it is very hard to get rid of and even if you lose weight or the fat, cellulite stays or women may get it once they are slimmer. Luckily, there are many cellulite treatments available that combined with physical exercise, healthy diet and adequate water intake may help you get rid of that orange-peel skin. You need to know that in some women it is possible that increased estrogen levels in the body may be one of the underlying factors that cause cellulite. Whatever treatment for cellulite you choose, it is important to follow small steps and always include several different treatments for better results.

Food And Water To Fight Cellulite

If you want to get rid of cellulite, the first thing you need to do is to cut back on coffee and caffeinated drinks and drink green tea instead. Caffeine raises estrogen levels in the body while green tea helps you to detox your body by flushing toxins that are also accumulated in the cellulite deposits. Next, increase your intake of green vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains, use honey instead of sugar and drink at least 8 glasses or pure water a day. Water is your best friend in your struggle to get rid of cellulite.


To tone your body muscles and burn fat the best exercise regime is cardio workout. Any exercise that targets on your legs and buttocks will make a significant improvement and the results will soon be visible. Try jogging, cycling or hiking for several months combined with strength training and stretching for best results. Make sure you get enough sleep to give your body some time to repair itself. Before taking a shower dry brush the areas affected with cellulite to improve the circulation. Remember that even if you follow those steps it takes time to get rid of cellulite, probably a month or more. Therefore, make a commitment to reduce it months before your summer holiday and do not expect to completely eliminate it in a few days.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

Worried about cellulite? Is it making you have shame while in the beach? Now, worry no more, all you need is to follow the tips listed below on how to get rid of cellulite naturally but before getting to know the tips you need to know what is cellulite.

What is Cellulite

Cellulite are fat deposits beneath the skin. That is in the abdomen and the lower pelvic region such as in the thigh.

1. Eat a clean diet with lots of alkaline foods and free from processed foods – One of the main causes of cellulite is accumulation of toxins in the body. So the first step to getting rid of the toxins in the body is consuming alkaline foods as alkaline foods help reduce body toxins by getting in the cell and reacting with the cells acidity to neutralize any toxic acid in the body cells. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most common sources of alkaline required to neutralize your body toxins. Processed foods are a source of toxins so avoiding them would drastically reduce your body’s toxin levels.

2. Hydrate and flush – Hydrating and flushing your body using a glass of water is a major step towards reducing cellulite. When you take a glass of water before every meal and as the first thing when you wake up, you help to flush your body toxins and you also hydrate your body cells leaving your body smooth and free of cellulite.

3. Swap your salt – Refined table salt often contains acid thus adding more toxins to your body. Refined table salt also have a dehydrating effect to the body which encourages cellulite. To prevent table salt from getting you cellulite it’s important that you swap your refined table salt with Celtic sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt.

4. Skin massaging – Skin massaging helps stimulate the lymphatic system thus helping the lymph vessels to easily eliminate waste from the body thus getting rid of cellulite as toxins are eliminated from the body.

For more tips on how to get rid of cellulite at home make sure you watch the following video.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast

Cellulite deposits under the skin are one of the most important problems faced by the people all over the world today. This problem is prevalent in urban areas rather than in rural areas. More than 30% of the people from urban areas are suffering from excess deposition of cellulose under their skin, compared to less than 10% of the people from rural areas. So let us see some important tips for getting rid of cellulite.

1) Skin brushing is one of the easiest ways of getting rid of cellulite. If there are any imbalances in your skin in terms of toxins and other waste products, a regular brushing of the skin will help to get rid of these kinds of toxins. Brush should have natural bristles which clean the skin by its brisk movements. The skin should be brushed with circular motion around the stomach and on the other parts of the skin; you should move the brush horizontally or vertically.

2) Slimming salt bath is another way of getting rid of cellulite. Slimming salt baths are the baths that you take in hot water in which certain quantity of salt is dissolved. This salt bath will have an amazing effect on the skin by removing all the toxins and cellulite deposition form the skin.

3) There are certain creams which help you to get rid of the cellulite. The creams have totally revolutionized the way in which we use them for making our skin glow. The cream massage will help to make you look younger than you actually are.

4) An anti cellulite diet is also another way of getting rid of such toxins like cellulite. Anti cellulite diet is a special kind of diet which is free of fats and excess of calories. Sweets and bakery items, red meat etc should be avoided completely and fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet as much as possible. This kind of diet will help you to get rid of the cellulite in just three months.

5) There are many spices that help you to remove cellulite form the body. Some important ones among them are onion, garlic, turmeric, mustard, sesame etc. they are all rich in anti oxidants and other useful oil contents which remove all kinds of toxins from your body. They even remove cellulite deposited under the skin easily.

6) Regular exercise and physical workout will also help to get rid of cellulite naturally. You needn’t to work hard for this. All that you need to do is just keep your mind focused at reaching your goal. Just half an hour of brisk walk everyday will be enough for you to maintain your fitness by getting rid of the excess cellulite.

These are all the natural ways of getting rid of cellulose. If you fail in all these methods and still find that there is a lot of cellulite deposited under your skin, then you need to undergo some surgery. Such a surgery will cost you dearly, but will surely help you to remove cellulite.